15 Secrets for Getting Great Vacation Photos

7015928939_de84e31b14_zPhoto credit: CC license by Sodanie Chea

We all have seen people’s vacation photos and have said “Where did you go again?” It may take some luck to snap that “one” memorable shot of your holiday, but there are some techniques that even the most amateur shutterbug can use to ensure future vacation photo albums have more “Look where I am and what I’m doing” vs. “Where was this and why did I take it?” look to them.

1. Learn to use your camera.

Today’s digital cameras do amazing things automatically compared to years past when you had to calculate tricky formulas like f-stops and aperture settings. But they still require a learning curve if you haven’t used one for a few years. Before embarking, practice zooming, use your macro (for extreme close-ups), turning the flash on and off, practice capturing motion or horizons, previewing, and deleting. This will save time fumbling around later and potentially missing out on something vital.

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