Room With A View: 15 Homes Built On Top Of The World

3417195672_a7928c5d8a_bPhoto credit: CC license  by japanese_craft_construction

If you’re the type of person with your head in the clouds, why not live in a home that shares your outlook on life? Most houses never rise more than a few dozen feet off of the earth, but there are a few that strive to tower above all the competition. Here are some of the most famous elevated homes with fantastic views.

1. Too High Tea House: Japan

Three separate chestnut trees prop up the Takasugi-an house, which literally means “tea house too high”. It’s a much more cozy living space than some are used to since there’s only one room and only one entrance up a ladder, but the view lets you look over the Nagano Prefecture (home of the 1998 Winter Olympics) as you sip green tea.

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