15 Reasons Jen Selter Is Instagram’s Favorite Fitness Phenom!

90d6b16ca41e11e381e712f167c840c8_8Photo credit: instagram by jenselter

Men can’t stop staring at her and women can’t stop wanting to be her. Jen Selter is one of the hottest women, and accounts, on Instagram due in large part to her bodacious body and commitment to fitness. The sort of success that Selter has had requires more than just a pretty body so let’s take a look at why Jen Selter is the hottest fitness babe to follow on Instagram right now.

1. She invented the ‘Selter’

When you end up on Selter’s Instagram page you will notice a trend amongst her photos. There is a provocative pose that Selter likes to use to show off her fantastic backside and incredible curves. She calls it the ‘Selter’ and it has inspired thousands of other women to aspire for a similar fantastic physique.

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