15 Visually Stunning Films You Must See

4554271766_5747cecbe1_bPhoto credit: CC license  by Brett Jordan

Though movies have only been around for a short amount of time we have already seen some incredible work done in the field. Every year directors and cinematographers push the limit on what it is that makes a film visually appealing. Listed below are 15 films whose cinematography will change the way you view the art-form forever.

1. Avatar (2009)

Any list that does not include the 2009 James Cameron epic is incomplete. Avatar, on its surface, is a film that encompasses everything we shouldn’t like about films: the plot is rehashed, the ending is predictable, and some of the acting is wooden. Despite these facts the film is visually stunning. James Cameron managed to turn the 3D world on its head when he released the film and Pandora, the planet in the movie, is one of the most remarkable sights in all of film.

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